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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Month at the Beach

We (my wife and I) have decided to take a month at the beach - Edisto Island Beach to be precise.

This is a island beach located about 1 hour's drive south of Charleston, SC.

We are staying in a 'studio' condo, which means everything (except for bathroom) is in one room - the kitchen, the 'bedroom', etc. It's probably about 300 ft^2 total. But it works for us, as it's just the two of us!

This time of year is our favorite - no crowds, temperatures are moderate, rain is less frequent, and rental rates are lower.

We ate out the first night we were here, at a cost of about $50.00 for that meal. Not particularly high, but since we are going to be here for a month, we need to economize some. Therefore, we've been eating out less frequently, but buying local fresh seafood, taking it back to our studio and preparing it ourselves. So far, this has provided us with better quality seafood for $8 - $16 per meal total for the two of us.

Some prices: oysters $13 per pint (1/2 pound); flounder $10/pound; medium shrimp $7/pound; Scallops $14/pound.

We've been steaming the shrimp (1 inch in a pot, then a colander resting on the top of the pot, then shrimp, then lid), sauteing the scallops and oyster in butter. They have all been great!

More later!

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