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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Banjo's Favorite Sites

Favorite Sites.  I return to the sites listed here frequently.  They are not a static site.  No news sites, but rather associated with subjects I find interesting.  It may be a site aggregator of other sites.
  1.  Site aggregator.  BTW - "hacking", in its original context, is putting anything together in a cheap, fast way.  So, 'to hack together' is to put something together fast and inexpensively, or to adapt something to a new usage.  A great site for scientific builds.  Hackaday presents links to other sites that center around constructing scientific devices.  I do a lot of work with Microcontrollers, such as the Arduino, and this site has links to items such as this.  It also has links to many other things.  It is very interesting to browse.  The liberal news media, being ignorant in all things technical, corrupted the meaning of this term (to hack) to be associated with something illegal such as breaking into a site - it doesn't always mean illegal.  My wife was a little concerned about this until I explained the difference.  So this site isn't about the illegal breaking into sites.

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