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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tossing Facebook

I've decided to 'deactivate' my facebook account.  I already had all of my security pretty closed down, but still had some unsettling security issues pop up.

I recently went to a NBC News site, where I was reading about California's effort to place a tax on Amazon's book sales over the Internet.

At the bottom of the article was my facebook picture, along with an invitation to post a comment via my facebook page.

I went to facebook to check to ensure all of the security options, all 3 or 4 pages of them, were restrictive - they were.

So I've shutdown my account.

Can't say I'm going to miss it.  Seems most of my friends never posted anything, just added friends.  Those that did post typically just posted a link to something, never a comment.  So there was never anything worth reading there anyway.

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