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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Banjo's Movies - Movies We've Enjoyed

This is a list of the movies that my wife and I have watched.  
Note: our all-time favorites are at the bottom of this page, and are undated.

9/7/11 - We watched "Win, Win (2011)" (again, streaming from Amazon) with Paul Giamatti.  Interestingly, it also included the actor Bob Cannavale, who was 'Joe' in The Station Agent (below).  Man, does Bob look different in these two movies, as well as pulling off totally different roles!  Paul G. is one of our favorite actors, having starred in one-of-our-all-time-favorite-movies: Sideways.  In looking at the credits, this movie was directed by Thomas McCarthy, who also directed The Station Agent.  Interesting - we just realized McCarthy is behind several of the movies we've enjoyed: Win, Win; The Visitor, Sideways, The Station Agent.

9/6/11 - We watched "Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)", streaming it from Amazon for $2.99.  This movie is very low on dialog, high on emotion.  Several things I enjoyed about this movie: was the glimpse into every day life in 1665; the role of painting in that era; how a kitchen worked in preparing the meals for a wealthy family.  However, the most stunning aspect of this movie is the way the scenes are presented visually.  As a photographer, I was stunned, throughout the whole movie, how the cinematographer painted with light in the scenes.  A tremendous amount of thought went into lighting and composition.  If you enjoy photography, and want to know more about using light in your photos, then have a close look at this movie.  It did win several awards for cinematography, as well as several nominations.

9/5/11 - We watched "Queen to Play (2009)" and we both enjoyed it very much.

8/28/11 We just finished watching "The Station Agent (2003)".  We enjoyed it very much.  It's about a guy that inherits a small piece of land on which sits an abandoned railroad station, and his interactions with the locals.  We particularly enjoyed Joe, one of the locals, who isn't content to not be included.  See this link for more insight.

8/28/11 We just watched "Lars and the Real Girl (2007)".  It was quirky, but interesting.

All Time Favorites

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