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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Banjo's Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2012

My wife and I decided to do something a little bit different for Valentine's Day this year (2012)...we decided to go out to a nice place for lunch, followed by an excursion to a local pub.

First, Lunch
We wanted to go somewhere that would have wonderful food, be reasonably priced, serve wine, cater to adults, not be too loud, and not be far away.  Sip Wine, on the west side of Alpharetta, immediately came to mind!

As we walked in, a young couple came out, with the man carrying a dozen red roses.  That looked like others had a similar idea!  And, it was nice to see this.

We chose from their special menu, which provided you with a selection of Tapas to choose from; choose any 2 for $10.00.  Wow!  That sounded really great!

I chose my two: 1st - Italian Sausage and Wild Mushroom Risotto,  and 2nd - a braised beef (I've gone to their website to look at the menu, but their currently displayed menu doesn't show this item, so I can't be more specific).  I also added, from their main menu, an Apple Salad.

My wife also chose two:  1st - Southern Fried Chicken Livers, and 2nd - stuffed spring rolls (again, this is not on the current website menu, so can't be too specific).

All items were wonderful!  Full of flavor.  We each shared a tasting from each of our respective tapas items.  I think I liked my wife's better!

For wine, we chose Roth Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2009.  We enjoyed this very much.

An excellent choice for our lunch!

After lunch, we proceeded to Roswell, to a pub we enjoy.

We left Sip and headed south to the historic district of Roswell, and went into Salt Factory Pub.  We were behind the lunch crowd getting there, so we had good choices for tables.  We generally enjoy the bar, as it gives us a chance to interact with the bar tender (a really nice woman) and local patrons.

We choose to have some wine as our beverage (Aquinas, Napa Valley), along with my wife's appetizer order of Liverwurst.

We spent several hours here, enjoying ourselves, before returning home and watching a movie (a chick flick - Hope Floats).  And, believe it or not, a little dancing!

We both enjoyed this so much, we think it will be our model for Valentine's Day for future years!

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