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Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Home Security System - Construction Blog

Construction Blog

Keywords: BeagleBone Black, Python, Tkinter, Raspberry Pi, RPi, Arduino, Security System, Home Automation

Update: June 5, 2013. (Table of Contents)

  • Updated this entry (at the bottom) with SD card info.
  • My Host system changes:
    • Installed 'Git' onto my system for Source Code Management.
    • Had been running on a small Solid State Hard drive, but have decided to move to a larger physical hard drive.
    • Decided to migrate from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 which has long term support.
    • I used Linux's 'dd' command to image the new drive.  See details here.
  • Noted that the Python version installed on the BeagleBone Black (B3) is not Python3, which is what I was planning on using.  Will have to investigate whether I can upgrade Python on the B3 to Python3, or will have to move back down to Python 6 or 7 - not sure which is on B3 at the moment.
  • Will be out all next week, so I don't expect to make any additional postings.

Update: May 18, 2013 (Table of Contents)

I have been pretty busy on the project.  I've been working on the following elements:

  • Learning about the BeagleBone Black (B3) platform.  I decided to move the project off of the Raspberry Pi (RPi) and onto the B3.  I'm concentrating right now on the following aspects:
    • How to interface with the onboard mux.  This is used to specify which channels, or pins, are being addressed.  
  • Learning Python.  I've really been enjoying this!  I've been programming for a while: Fortran (1977), Assembler (1978), C (1983), C++(1995), Java (1999), Arduino (2004?), and Python3 (2013), so the move to Python3 hasn't been huge, but it's been different never-the-less.
  • Learning Tkinter.  This is one of the main standard GUI interfaces into Python.  
  • B3.  Not yet deep enough into this, but I'm planning on programming it using Python3.  
    • Just received it on 5/17/13.
    • Concentrating on getting it up and online.
    • Concentrating on Mux addressing via Python3.
    • So today, after finishing on this project update, I'm going to start with the B3 and getting it online, then accessing it's pins via short Python3 programs.

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