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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Home Security/Automation System - Monitor changes

Monitor Update  (April 9, 2014)
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Was finally able to get a little bit of insight into Kivy (GUI for Python), and I've updated the Monitor Screen.

Here's a picture.

I'm not going to post the code right now, as I'm debating on whether the project has reached the point where I need to move it to github.

Anyway, here's several pictures.

The first shows the yellow separator line between Zones, all Zones NORMAL, all radio buttons ACTIVE:

The next shows Zone 1 in an alarm state (it blinks first, then I acknowledge which seals it in).  Notice on the right, I've selected various radio buttons to change the state.  Zone 1 is ACTIVE, and in ALARM.  Zone 2 is INACTIVE, Zone 3 is BYPASS, Zone 4 is MONITOR, Zone 5 is TEST.  The various colors are associated with that Zone's radio button - e.g., any Zone in BYPASS will have a BLUE Zone Button.

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