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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


While my current win:loss ratio is good (13:4), I still have some problems that I'm trying to overcome.

In general:
  • Trades I do in the morning don't do well. I do better after 2 PM. This may be because of several influences: - volatility is falling off after the morning's open. - less newsworthy events later in the day. - easier to find today's support and resistance.
  • I tend to get in too late on a trend, then wait too long to get out of a bad trade. This may be because: - I don't use any signals, but I'm researching some. - I don't have a clear exit point, and the support or resistance is too far from the entry point.
I think I would do better if:
  • I was more careful about where the support and resistance was before I opened a trade.
  • I waited until after 2 pm to trade.

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