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Sunday, June 6, 2010

What cigar I'm smoking: Excalibur, by Hoyo de Monterrey Ltd Ed

What I'm drinking: a glass of Pinot Noir 2009, Lindeman's Bin 99

What's happening: it's lightly raining, I'm sitting on my porch, listening to Blues.

I just grilled a Flank Steak for my wife and I on a new grill - Webber Performer, which I'm impressed with. It's one of 2 charcoal grills I have, sharing space and duties with a cabinet smoker (for sausages), a Big Green Egg, a 'flower pot' smoker (ala Alton Brown), and a gas grill. My wife cooked fried okra, corn (from corn I put up yesterday after blanching and cutting off of the cob), and field peas, along with some pickles we made. I'm looking forward to fresh strawberries on pound cake later!

As soon as I've finished my cigar, I'll go inside to join my wife in watching a movie from Netflixs.

I've been researching 'pork shoulder bacon', along with 'pork butt steak' and 'pork butt on-a-stick' (PBOS). I had the PBOS at the Florida State Fair about 3 years ago, and it was great! Apparently it's made from Pork Butt, which is the upper half of a pork shoulder. I just bought 16 LBs of Pork Shoulder from Costco to make BBQ (smoking it on the Big Green Egg, where I make NC style, smoking it for 24 hours). I think I'll try making some of that bacon an steak from a cut off of it this week! My week is tangled up right now, because I may have jury duty Tuesday, hoping to find out Monday night that I don't have to go!

Guess that's it for tonight - I hear a movie wanting to start.

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