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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Banjo Cooks - Beef Round Tip - Sous Vide Prime Rib-like Steaks

Makes prime rib-like steaks, plus sandwich meat.

Note: Optionally, this recipe starts with a single large piece of meat, which has been divided into three large pieces, one of which is used to make this meal.  The benefits to using a single large piece of meat is: value - I using Beef Round Tip, which I can buy at Costco for $2.89 a pound (9/7/11); it means I can prepare a lot of meals in advance so I'm not spending a lot of time per meal on 
this; I get a lot of different meals.

Please refer to this link for the whole concept of cooking a lot at one time for multiple days - saves a lot of your time, increases the value of your meals.

  • Obtain one large piece of beef round tip and cut it into thirds (see link), or buy a single piece around 3 - 4 pounds in size.  If you are not able to find beef round tip, then you can use beef chuck.
  • Preheat your Sous Vide cooker to 132 dF.
  • Please the meat into a one-gallon freezer zip-lock bag.  Remove all the air you can, and place into Sous Vide cooker.
  • Cook for 48 - 60 hours.
  • Remove from Sous Vide cooker.
  • Slice into 1" to 2" thick steaks, enough for your meal.  Set aside the rest of the meat, so you can thin-slice for sandwiches.
  • Brown the steaks in hot pan, or under oven broiler, or on hot grill.
  • Serve.
Depending on the number of steaks you cut, you can have a lot of tender sandwich meat left over!

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