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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Goolsby's Sausage Patty Melt

Man, oh man, do I love a good Sausage Patty Melt!

My wife, The Queen, made me great one today!  I've just finished it, and it's better than any I've ever had at Waffle House!

In case you aren't happily familiar with Sausage Patty Melts, it consists of fried sausage, on toast, with a thick slice of onion, coated with mustard, along with a dash of Tabasco sauce, and topped with cheese.  Man, oh man...

Today she made her's with Goolsby Sausage, which has become our favorite sausage, bumping out previous first place go-to sausage king Jimmy Dean Sausage.  See my other Goolsby's Sausage recipe here.

Here's the recipe:


  • 4 patties of Goolsby's Sausage.  We buy ours at Costco.
  • 1 thick slice of onion
  • 2 pieces of bread, preferably thick slice Texas Style, but any will do.
  • 2 pieces of sliced, extra sharp cheddar cheese
  • Mustard
  • Tabasco
  • Cooking pan with lid
Cooking Instructions

  • Cut a thick slice of onion.
  • Use cooking instructions on box for Goolsby's Sausage.  These sausages are preformed and frozen. 
  • Once sausage is done, reduce heat and remove sausage from pan.
  • build up the patty melt
    • Place slice of bread onto plate.  
    • Place all four pieces of cooked sausage onto bread.  Some overlapping may occur, but that's OK.
    • Cover sausage with mustard.
    • Add any desired Tabasco sauce.
    • Place onion onto mustard
    • Place cheese onto onion
    • Cover with remaining slice of bread
  • Transfer back to pan
  • Set temperature of pan to medium.
  • Cover pan with lid.  This will help the cheese to melt.
  • Cook until toasted on first side.
  • Flip to other side
  • Cook until toasted on second side.
  • Remove and serve with strong, black, coffee.

1 comment:

  1. This sounds very good. We live in Texas and discovered Goolsby in out local Costco. About to have 2 patties with pancakes. Good stuff.