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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I MacGyvered it!

The new patio heater's pilot light just wouldn't stay lit.

I was doing everything that should be done; I was holding in the throttle valve while striking the lighter.  It would light; it just wouldn't stay lit.

I held it in for 30 seconds per the manual.  Didn't stay lit when I released the valve.

I held it in for 1 minute.  Didn't stay lit then either.

Held it until dooms day; still didn't stay lit.

What's a Banjo man gonna do?  His wife had SPECIFICALLY said her shoulders were hurting from working on the roses in the garden, and SHE WANTED SOME HEAT from that patio heater we had bought to pour down on her shoulders.

Damn thing just would not stay lit.

So I gave up on the BS technology safety features that were built into this device, and I MACGYVERED IT!

I BYPASSED that SOB that was causing all the problems.


Now, we're listening to some Blues!  And feeling some HEAT!

Righteous!  Knowledge of Electronics Rules!

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