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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Banjo cooking BBQ Ribs

Well, I'm stunned. I've been cooking BBQ for 26 years, but never cooking what I consider to be competition grade ribs....until tonight! 


As I mentioned about a month ago, I was starting a series of test on cooking BBQ ribs, until I got it right. I bought a rib package from Costco, which contained three (3) racks of St. Luis style pork spareribs. I split these in two, and cooked that half rack for a test. Pat and I then split that 1/2 rack, so we ended up with a 1/4 rack each - or 3 ribs each, which is about 4 oz of meat. So 1 package from Costco was good for 6 tests, with six small portions for two people over the past month.

Tonight was Test #10! And it was a success! I have never had ribs this good, any where, any time. No sauce, nothing to hide the flavor or mask the mistakes. No rubs, no seasonings, just naked ribs.

They aren't perfect. The smoker I'm using has some air leaks, so I am having some difficulty controlling the temperature. It's looking like I may have to weld-up my own rib smoker in order to have complete control over the temperature - I've been working on some plans.

But they're still the best ribs I've ever had, any where, any time...and when I have full control over the smoker, I looking for the champs!

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