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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Market Turn?

A couple of weeks back I posted an entry in this blog that I was declaring success in my daytrading of the E-mini S&P 500 futures.

And then suddenly, the style that was giving so much success, quit being successful.

So I pulled my trading logs, and reviewed the last year, and noted something that I feel is important for me: I start losing at market turns.  In other words, during an uptrend, and during a downtrend, I consistently make money.  But at the point where the market is turning, I consistently lose money.

One way to look at this, is I have a tool that says the market is turning!

And, assuming this insight is correct, then it is saying we are having a market turn right now, starting with Monday June 4 2012. That day was the last day, that I made money all day long, on every trade.  Every day since then, Tue - Fri, I lost.  And it was the first loosing week in a month.

It doesn't say for how long it will be heading up, just that it is turning!

UPDATE: (Investor's Business Daily), on Friday June 15th, said the market changed to an uptrend.  Here's my new post on this.

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