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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dining Review - 22 North Restaurant, Wrightsville Beach NC

7/19/11: We will be having dinner there tonight.  Will update this page with the review.

7/20/11: Review:

  • Insight: I feel that it's important to understand that this restaurant is on an resort island, where real estate is at a premium, and where businesses have only 3 months to make their profits for a year.  Because of this, prices are higher than they would be on the mainland, and issues, such as parking, are inherently going to be difficult for a merchant to resolve.  E.g., the bigger the parking lot, the more premium land that has to be purchased, and the higher the prices will have to be to offset this investment.  So, with that, let's go!
  • Ride over to Wrightsville from Wilmington is an easy drive.
  • Parking is difficult to find near the restaurant, but we managed, so you can too.
  • Prices: given the insight above, I thought they were reasonable.
  • Appetizers - we had two; bacon wrapped scallops, and crabcake.  My wife liked both.  In my opinion, I found the bacon to be overcooked and crispy, which overpowered the scallops, which I also thought were overcooked.  In my opinion, the crabcake also had something in it that overpowered the crab.  I liked both apps, but felt they could have been better.
  • We both had the Wahoo fish.  My wife liked hers.  In my opinion, mine was slightly overcooked (my wife also agrees), but we both thought they were good.
  • Service: a little spotty, but OK overall. 
  • Wait for food: reasonable 
  • Impression: Overall, we would go back.

Restaurant's website:
Chef Brent Poteat's comments (video)

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