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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dining Review - Elija's in Wilmington NC

7/21/11 Lunch.
This is our second trip to Elija's.  We again ate lunch here.  I think we like it because it has that perfect blend - nearby, easy to get to walking from the Hilton, good food, nice view, good atmosphere.

Today we ate at the bar.  We both had crabcake sandwiches.  My wife had spotted this on the menu yesterday, but it turned out they were only on the bar menu, not on the main dining area menu.

These were large crabcakes, with filler.  They may have been 1 inch thick!  The sauce was very spicy - too much so for my wife, but just my cup of tea.

They were serving Yingling bottled beer on special, so we each had that for our drink.

A really strong thunderstorm blew in while we were there, so we extended our stay about an extra hour, having another Yingling each.

The tab, with tip and taxes, came to about $38.

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