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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Replacement Keurig Model B60 Coffee Machine - Broken!

Recently, we began to experience problems with our original Keurig Model B60 coffee machine.  We tried all of the maintenance steps to no avail.  So, we took the big step - we threw that one away and bought a new one.

Update 7/30/11: Keurig has said they are sending out a replacement.......I'll update this when delivered.

Here's some background:

All started out well, and it seemed to function fine for about 2 weeks (we've had it about a month, but we were out of town for 2 of those weeks).

We've been back about a week now, making coffee every day (4 cups per day; 2 for me, 2 for my wife).  Now, the pump won't prime itself.  It says 'prime' on the display panel after the pump motor runs for a looooonnnnng time.  Living around a farming community growing up and working with hand pumps, I know what 'priming' is, and this little pump is failing at that job.  There's plenty of water in the reservoir, the valve at the bottom of the reservoir is not plugged.  By removing the reservoir and putting it back in, doing this multiple multiple times, sometimes the machine will prime itself, but only for one cup and then the whole problem is back.

What a piece of crap - in my opinion of course!

After Googling the model and related problems, it appears to me that this is a common problem.  Many problems for many people.  Searching for - keurig model b60 problem prime - gives 66,000 hits!  Of course, not all of those would be legitimate, but it's an indication of a problem - in my opinion of course!  But this I do know for a fact - the stats for the entries I've made on this blog show that the pages associated with Keurig Model B60 problems are some of my more frequented pages, and looking at the searches that lead people to these pages (my stats show that as well) indicates they may be experiencing enough problems to end up here on this little blog of mine!

I feel really really stupid now.   $320 for two (2) machines that are documented as not working correctly per people's experiences on the internet.  And I was just the most recent sucker.  I'm sure there is yet another buyer somewhere, today, that has made another purchase of yet another piece of crap - in my opinion, of course!

So it's back to French Press coffee for us!  What's the big deal anyway?  I'm retired (yeah, I've got to do the dishes tonight...), and the French Press coffee tastes better than it ever tasted from this machine (did I mention it's a piece of crap - in my opinion, of course), more consistent in flavor, cheaper to buy (a glass beaker with plunger/filter), coffee certainly cheaper, and more flavors and brands to choose from.

They say they are "the worlds best single cup coffee maker".  That may be true, because I haven't researched all of the worlds single cup coffee makers, so I can't evaluate their claim.  However, if this is the "world's best", then in my opinion of course, the world is really struggling with this problem and has yet to solve it with a machine that will function properly.

So, here's a suggestion:

  1. Buy a French Press coffee coffee maker for $30.00.
  2. Put $320 - $30 = $290 into a drawer.
  3. Take $30 out to buy a really good coffee bean grinder.
  4. Put $290 - $30 = $260 back into a drawer.
  5. Spend $15 for really good coffee beans.
  6. Put $260 - $15 = $245 back into a drawer.
  7. Make a cup of really good coffee.
  8. Add another $1 to the drawer for every cup of coffee you make because it's cheaper and better, in my opinion of course!
  9. Take a luxury cruise every few years from the money you saved.
  10. Live longer from the loss of stress you've realized.
  11. Mount a picture on kitchen wall of Keurig Model B60 so you can look at it each morning while enjoying your French Press cup of coffee. 
  12. Smile and giggle a little, knowing you have beaten their system and their "world's best single cup coffee maker".

What was I thinking when I bought this piece of crap - in my opinion, of course!


  1. I think I'll buy the French Press.

  2. At least you have a sense of humor about this and did not resort to disgusting, hate-filled filthy remarks - that I admire you for! But here's a bit of irony, or whatever... the 2 men that invented this brewing process (I saw them interviewed on TV - both with the personality of furniture dust), said they "gave" the idea to an interested company (I think it was European) and did NOT receive ONE RED CENT for their invention! I love knowing that, after all the people that bought this piece of crap - in their opinion of course!