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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dining in Charleston - Fig Restaurant

Fig Restaurant
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Fig - an interesting choice of names.  Having climbed in fig trees as a boy, it brings back good memories.  The branches are low and horizontal, making for easy climbing for a 4 year old.  Just enough of a challenge to make you feel like a "big boy", but low enough so you can't really get hurt.

Fig - the restaurant....our daughter Heather recommended this place to us.  She and her boyfriend had an excellent "Heather's Adventure - the Movie" here.  The think this has one of the best bars and bartenders they've run across, east of Las Vegas.  And that's saying something!

Fig is located in a completely nondescript building on Meeting St, just north of Market St., at the corner of Meeting and Hasell St.  It's very easy to get to, and by Charleston standards, they have convenient parking as well!  Just down from the restaurant on Hasell St (east), on the right, is a large paid parking lot; makes for safe, convenient parking.

The decor - I don't usually talk about the decor in a restaurant; I'm either comfortable and enjoy the 'look' of things, or not.  Fig however, is a "little different".  There aren't really any windows; from the outside, it looks like it might have been a place to go to avoid bad weather.  However, on the inside, they've turned it into something really interesting.  On the South wall, they've hung a series of beach landscape scenes, as might be viewed just at dusk.  Each panel is a little different; one being the surf, another being a river inlet, another being a marsh.  I found this to be very different, and entertaining to "ponder" as I waited for my meal to be delivered.

Our waitress was a server from the local College of Charleston.  She had a quick, nice smile, and worked hard to make our dining experience enjoyable.  Unfortunately, since I'm writing this a week later, and since I'm a happily married man of 36 years, I no longer recall her name!  Too bad, as she was worth a mention here for her service.

The food we had was really good.  It was definitely worth the price we paid, and was both flavorful and interesting.  This James Beard award winning restaurant was top on our list for dining destinations on this trip.  Having eaten at many other James Beard award winners and nominees over the years, we looked forward to this for weeks before our arrival in Charleston.

We were not  disappointed!

We started with the CODDLED SEA ISLAND FARM EGG.  For those not familiar with the term "coddled", it means, in essence, to take tender care of something.  This egg was indeed taken tender care of as it was cooked to perfection.  Since I have a Sous Vide Supreme  cooker at home, I can replicate this dish and am thus familiar with it, it was nevertheless a wonderful start to our dinner.

I really hate to tell you this, but in looking back over their online menu, since it was almost two weeks ago that we dined at Fig, I realize we both chose from their daily menu, and that I no longer recall the individual dishes we chose, other than the Coddled Egg.  I do remember that we were both pleased with it, and would enjoy going back.

Hopefully, my wife, who is away at choir practice as I write this, will recall in better detail the dishes we enjoyed, and I'll be able to update this post.

Would we go back?  Yes!  The food and service was excellent, and the interior was interesting!

According to my daughter Heather, the bar is excellent too!

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