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Monday, October 17, 2011

Dining in Charleston - SeeWee Restaurant

SeeWee Restaurant
Map Link

The SeeWee Restaurant is located about 15 miles north of Mt. Pleasant SC, so it's a bit of a hike.  However, if you are into a little bit of travel, then this may just be your cup of tea!

SeeWee Restaurant is located within an old gas station.  It's eclectic inside and out; even the restrooms are outside, just like in the day of the old filling stations.

But make no mistake - they are serving honest Southern Fried Seafood, along with all of the trimmings.  This is first rate.  While the distance may be a bit of a hassle, the price makes up for it; your bill will be considerably cheaper than anything in the Charleston area for comparable food.

This is not gourmet food; instead, this is the style of food we grew up with in Calabash NC; if you like good Southern Fried Seafood, then you will love this place!

Nearby, to the north, is McClennenville, where hurricane Hugo came ashore in 1990(?).  Also due east is Cape Romain, where you can go out on the landing pier and observe the marsh wildlife and seashore.

We made a whole afternoon of it, and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of our time here, from the food to the seashore.

There's also the  "Center for Birds Of Prey" (Map Link) located just a short drive to the East.  We haven't been here (yet!), but it certainly looks interesting!

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