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Friday, April 15, 2011

Dining in Charleston - The Glass Onion

Wednesday, April 13 2011, we went to the Glass Onion restaurant for lunch.

We had ridden by this place several times as we rode into and out of Charleston on other trips. Coming in from Edisto Beach SC on hwy 17, it is located on the right, a couple of miles past the I-526 intersection. It's nondescript, looking sort-of run down as you pass by. As we rode by, I remember glancing over to my right and thinking - that's somewhere we'll never eat!

That changed last week when our daughter S sent us an email with a list of three restaurants she had come across while reading a Rachel Ray magazine - the Glass Onion was one of three featured!

Piquing our interest a little, we did some research on the web and found quite a bit of information, certainly enough to warrant a stop for lunch! Since we were already going into Charleston on Wednesday in order to eat at Bowens Island Oyster Roast, lunch would be the perfect time to hit the Glass Onion.

On entering, we proceeded straight ahead to view the big chalk board with menu items. A young guy with a black beard handed us a menu to make things a little easier to view.

Since we are in town only briefly and may get to a restaurant only once, we tend to get a lot of side dishes along with one main dish each, sharing all, in order to get a wider exposure to the restaurant and chef.

We decided on our first selections: I would have Crispy Braised Pork Belly (I think it was $7 - it's not on the menu onsite today), a side of grits $2 from Anson Mills. My wife ordered Fried Chicken Livers with Local Lettuce $7.

The pork belly was a burst of flavor! About 1 inch square, and 1/4 inch thick, on top of slaw and lettuce. I think it was cooked just right - a touch of crust, lots of flavor. The grits were creamy and cheesy, and some of the best we've had.

My wife's fried chicken livers $7 were "Good! Lightly battered and fried, with a buttermilk type dressing". She's looking forward to the Chicken Liver Mousse on her next trip here.

I later added Chuck's Pork, Andoluille and Okra Gumbo $6 (small portion). This was also a great, flavorful excursion!

And the finally, I ordered Roasted Chicken Salad Salad $8. This was OK. This has shown up in several sites as being one of the most popular items, but it was just OK to us. Nothing wrong with it, just not a lot of flavor compared to the other dishes, and maybe that was the problem - it came in after at the end, following a lot of dishes that were bursting in flavor. Maybe like someone humming following a bright brass band!

So, would we come back? Yes, for everything except the Chicken Salad sandwich.

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