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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Diet Day 2 - 530 days to go!

Man - the days are really clicking off now! Not!

Thought I would have issues with being hungry last night, but never was. Instead, I actually felt full. Not sure what is going on.

I walked for 50 minutes again today. Per the USDA site, that's worth 330 calories at my weight at a slow pace.

Breakfast: 480 Calories
This morning, I had steel cut oatmeal, raisins and dried blueberries, 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of milk. I left off the V-8 Spicy Hot Juice.

Lunch: 470 Calories
I had a Lean Cuisine for lunch, 280 calories, unsweetened ice tea. Also, per Alton Brown, I decided to try sardines in olive oil. I didn't do his recipe, I just had them straight out of the can. Not too bad....a little on the dull side. When I was a child, I went fishing with my father once, and we had sardines out of the can, placed onto saltine crackers. I only went fishing with him 3 times, so that's a big memory to me. My wife doesn't like them, so I never eat them, but will probably do so now for the diet. High in omega-3, 180 calories, no sodium, so not a bad item.

Dinner: 536 Calories
Alton Brown has divided his 'diet' into 4 categories; things to eat every day, things to eat 3 times a week, things to eat once per week, and things to never eat. We will be having Chicken for tonight for dinner. It doesn't directly show up in his categories, however, the USDA actually gives it less weight (oz) per week than it does for Beef, so it's probably a once-per-week item. Anyway, that's what we're having tonight.

6.5 oz boneless, skinless chicken breast, roasted
4 oz zucchini steamed
4 oz asparagus steamed
1 cup milk fatfree
1 oz almonds

Total for Day: 1494 Calories

I bought some dried lentils today. I don't really have any experience cooking them, as we usually do canned peas and beans, so I've got to go find out how long to cook them. I just pored 1 lb of pinto beans into a quart mason jar (canning) and filled it to the top with water to let it soak till tomorrow - see how that does.

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