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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weight - a perspective

As noted in my diet blogs, I've got to lose 76 pounds.

That's almost 80 pounds. Assume it is 80 pounds I've got to lose.

What are some common things you might find around the house that represent 80 pounds?

Let's start with a gallon of milk. It weights about 8 pounds. Imagine you place 10 of those 1 gallon containers of milk into a sack and start going up the stairs.....that's what I've been faced with.

Here's another example.

You know those big jugs of water that they sell in the stores that go into water dispensers? Like the ones in some offices? Those are 5 gallons each. They weight 40 pounds. So imagine you place 2 of those into a sack and start moving around. That's what 80 pounds represents.

You know those concrete building blocks, they are gray, about 8x8x16. On average, they weigh about 32 pounds. If you carry 2 of those around plus 2 gallons of water, you have about 80 pounds.

Man - that's a lot of dead weight to have to lug around every where I go!

I sure will be glad when it's gone! I'll be so light I'll just float up stairs! It will mean climbing stairs without the weight of 10 gallons of water going along with me!

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