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Friday, April 15, 2011

Edisto Beach - Dock Side Restaurant

Our first night on Edisto, Wednesday March 23rd, we went to the Dock Side Restaurant.

This is located on the South West corner of the island, across from the entrance to the Wyndham Resort.

We were given two seats next to the windows overlooking the river and marsh.

We both got the seafood platters. I opted for the larger platter, the Captain's Platter (about $22), while my wife had the regular seafood platter (about $21). This came with a trip to the salad bar, and a fish stew.

We thought everything was OK, but no more than that. For the price, we felt it was a little high, certainly more than we would have paid in Charleston at a restaurant of similar decor and surroundings.

The service was OK too.

So, overall, in our opinion, just OK, and we looked forward to finding something a little more interesting and possibly better, at a better price.

I'm not sure the price isn't warranted, because restaurants on islands like this only have 3 - 5 months to make enough sales to carry them through the whole year, so it may be a fair price, but felt high to us.

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