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Friday, April 15, 2011

SeaCow Eatery - Edisto Beach, SC

We had ridden by the SeaCow Eatery several times before my wife mentioned she would like to go there for lunch one day. I hadn't noticed it at all. It's on the West side of Jungle Road on Edisto Beach SC.

When we arrived, I was a little confused as to where the door is to enter. My wife saw the sign that pointed left, towards the marsh and away from the road, but I didn't see it, so I went right. Wrong.

On entering, we observed the 'wait to be seated' sign, so we stood at the counter for a while before a large African-American waitress told us to follow her. She got the menus and led us to a table. When we got there, she noted it hadn't been cleaned up. She said something to a white woman about it not being clean. The white woman turned around to go back and get a cloth to wipe down the table. Meanwhile the African-American waitress proceeded to start bitching while looking at us. We felt like she was bitching at us, but this didn't make any sense, so we just ignored it. She walked off, with the menus, leaving us standing there. Soon the white woman returned, and wiped down our table and left. We sat down, but without any menus. My wife, who had been standing behind me, wanted to know what the waitress was bitching at me, what had I said? I told her I didn't think she was bitching at me, but wasn't really sure.

After a while, the African-American waitress returned to take our order. We told her we didn't have any menus yet, so we didn't know what we wanted. She turned all the way around, said something to the white waitress, then turned back to use, started bitching at us again, then turned around and walked away! She's the same one I said earlier took the menus away when she left, and now she's pissed off that we aren't ready to order!

The white waitress came back to us and took our order. She also brought our order back to us when it was ready. Then she disappeared.

At some point I needed a refill on my tea. After a while had gone by without anyone else coming by to refresh my drink, I got up and went and stood at the counter holding my drink. Finally the African-American waitress asked what I wanted. I said I needed a refill on my tea. She grabbed a clean glass, reached into the ice bin with her bare hands holding the cup so her hands were into the ice(!), filled it up with ice, poured the tea into it, and was in the process of handing it to me when she saw I was holding my cup. She grabbed the cup I was holding, and instead of just swapping cups with me, she proceeded to dump the ice out of my cup, then pour the tea and ice from the cup she had just refilled into the cup I had been holding.

Seems a bit goofy, but whatever.

We finished our meal. No one appeared to give us our check. At no time did anyone ever come back by to see if we needed anything.

After a long wait, we went up to the counter to pay. The African-American waitress looked at me, and asked me where I would like to sit. I told her we had already eaten an were wanting to pay. She asked where I had been sitting, and I pointed it out to her - it was the same place she had told us to sit, and had been to it twice, but whatever.

When she realized we didn't have the check, she turned and looked at the white waitress, started bitching (I never could understand what she was saying - it was all under her breath, angry sounding stuff).

And that's how we were greeted, served and disposed of.

Food was just OK, nothing worth returning for for us.

Service was bad, attitudes of wait staff was worse than bad.

Not somewhere I would ever go back to.

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